Drop-on-demand (DOD) Technology

Drop-on-demand (DOD) is divided into thermal DOD and piezoelectric DOD.

  • Thermal drop-on-demand inkjets are commonly referred to as bubble jets. Small heaters create bubbles that expand, increase pressure, and force ink out of the nozzle. As the bubble collapses, a vacuum is created that pulls more ink into the chamber from a reservoir. Bubble jet printheads have more than one linear array of nozzles that fire simultaneously. Printers that use such technology includes HP & Lexmark.

  • Piezoelectric drop-on-demand technology uses piezo crystals as the energy source to create droplets. The crystals are driven with an electric signal that causes them to vibrate. As a crystal deflects it raises the pressure in the chamber to force ink droplets out of the nozzle. When the crystal retracts it pulls more ink into the reservoir. Piezoelectric printheads also have more than one linear array of nozzles that fire simultaneously. Companies that use such technology includes Xaar, Kyocera & Konica Minolta.

          Advantages of DOD are :-

        • Low capital investment

        • Ease of use system

        • Wide selection of inks includes water-base and UV-base

        • Wide selection of color ink and security ink

        • Variable-sized print droplets

        • Flexible to change ink cartridge within seconds