Xerox Impika High Speed Printing System

The unique following handling and characteristic of the Xerox Impika system ensure it has the best in class print quality
and fastest ROI.
• Operator selectable choice to print in 600x360, 600x600 or 600x1200 dpi, and 
• Operator selectable choice to print using ink drop size of 3, 6, 9, 11 or 13 pico-liter to print in the right price quality product,
  hence more competitor in the market
• Use of low-cost papers with new generation HD (high density) inks
• Entry level system for as low as 2 million A4 monthly images in duplex mode, and in-house upgradeable to next level system
• The printhead is raised vertically in the same position for maintenance, hence ensuring perfect print registration
• The printhead 'OPEN TIME' to stay idle before system automatically enter into purging maintenance state is longer at up to 20 minutes.
   Hence, lesser down time and waste of purge fluid, ensuring a higher operating efficiency and lower running cost
• Support PDF and IPDS data format



Technical Specification - Download 
Impika Reference Datasheet
Impika Compact Datasheet
Impika eVolution Datasheet
Impika Controller Datasheet