Inkjet Drying System

JCI develops NIR (Near Infra Red) drying system to take advantage of its highly efficiency, low heat, low energy characteristic to achieve excellent performance on water base inkjet. 
Module & Flexible

Depending the number of printhead use, the same number of drying emitter may be installed to dry the ink printed by the printhead. Different emitter width is also available to match the width of printhead. Besides, each emitter may be independently turn off when the printhead is not printing, hence saving on energy consumption.

Low Power Consumption

Using the near infra-red frequency band, the energy is focus on the ink instead of the paper. This increases efficiency of drying with less energy consumption compare to typical infra-red or hot-air drying system, hence greater saving on electricity bill. Besides, it can support higher speed inkjet printing.

Less paper shrink
With lower temperature, and less heat going into paper, there is less paper shrink. This is especially helpful to ensure better product quality.
Small Footprint
With smaller footprint, it is helpful when there is space limitation to install the dryer
Technical Specification - Download
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