JCI Core
Over the last 20 years, JCI core focus has been on digital variable printing systems driven by inkjet technologies.
Partnering with distinguish manufacturers in their own field, JCI supplies and support following standalone and/or integrated solutions.
Imprinting system inkjet system comprises of system controller, data station RIP, ink supplies system and printhead. Paper transport system (such as offset press, flexo press, cut-sheet conveyor etc) is required to mount this system to form a complete production solution. Single to multiple printheads can be mounted to fulfill requirement.
As it named, it is water based system, hence mainly confine to paper based applications such as scratch lottery, forms printing, transactional statement printing, commercial printing, packaging, security printing and direct mail.
Unlike imprinting system, a printing system comes as a standalone digital printing press, including the paper transport system. It comes in different configurations such as sheet-fed or continuous, B&W or full color, different print wide, different print speed to cater to different applications. 
Application of water base printing system includes booking printing, transactional statement printing, commercial printing, corrugated printing, quick print shop, Print-On-Demand (POD) shop, label printing and card printing applications 
Advantage of UV based system goes beyond paper substrate. It can print on PVC, film, synthetic, ceramic, glossy stock etc. Hence, applications of UV inkjet system can be seen in commercial printing, packaging, label printing. It also goes beyond paper printing, such as tile printing, textile printing, manufacturing and others. Similarly, single to multiple printhead can be mounted to fulfill requirement. 
UV printing system is usually full color inkjet system uses in label printing, tile printing, textile printing, manufacturing and others 
JCI Secondary

To support and integrate imprinting system onto various paper transports, and to provide complete integrated
solutions to market, JCI provides and support accessories such as offline paper transport system, drying system,
and mounting kits.