High End Kodak CIJ System

High end water based imprinting System adopts Kodak CIJ Technology. Though years of research and improvement, Kodak Imprinting systems’ robustness and reliability has become main stream product for forms printer, lottery printer, direct mail printer and commercial printer when performing high volume variable printing. Depending on application, customer has the choice of different model system to print in different print resolution from 300X300DPI to 600X600DPI. Besides, the Kodak system features provide unique characteristics in areas including :-


Imprinting Systems of different printhead sizes can be mounted on web offset press to print variable information inline with offset printing. In addition, the printhead can be easily relocated to cut-sheet or offline transport to suit different applications. Hence, the flexibility for a single digital system in print in cut-sheet and continuous operation.
The system controller can control up to maximum 16 printheads, hence the flexibility to add printhead as volume increase or when different applications call for additional printhead to print in different color. Each printhead can be 2.77” (7.03cm) and 4.27” (10.6cm) wide.
Using  JCI developed controller, it enables both Kodak CIJ printhead and HP cartridge on a system. It takes advantage of Kodak wider printhead and HP ease of change cartridge (for different special ink), creating greater value to market.

Kodak Imprinting system can print up to maximum 300mpm, a speed where no other digital printer can match. Hence, it does not affect the efficiency of web press when it is integrated inline for higher-value digital capabilities.

Running Cost Competitiveness
One of lowest running cost digital printer in the market. Being a non-impact inkjet printer, there is minimum wear and tear due to production. While the system uses water-based ink, it provides competitive running cost to printer.

While most digital printer require controlled environment, and will last from 5- 8 years, the industrial design on Kodak Versamark Imprinting System is made for the most challenging factory production environment. It is not uncommon to find Kodak system running over 10 years.
The various model of Imprinting products ensure there is always a right product to different applications.