Mid volume JCI DoD System

For printer with mid volume, or making entry to the world of inkjet, Drop-On-Demand (DoD) inkjet is a good start. System ease of use has always been an advantage of DoD technology. With JCI’s offering of wide printhead in 2.13″ (54mm), 4.25″ (108mm), 8.5″ (216mm), 12.75″ (324mm) or 17″ (432mm), choice of system using water based or UV based ink, in B&W, spot colour or full process colour, there is no application that JCI SPARROW/HAWK system does not cover. Hence, business forms, commercial, label, packaging, and security printers will benefit from such system.
Like all imprinting system, printhead may be mounted inline or offline continuous transport, or on cut-sheet conveyor to suit different application. Wide printhead provides good barcode print quality without need to stitch printhead. Besides, system selectable print resolution in 600×600 dpi, 600×400 dpi or 600×300 dpi, selectable ink drop size from 5pl – 18pl allows printer to provide right print quality to their customer, at lowest possible running cost. 
Robust Printhead
Unlike CIJ printhead, DoD printhead does not require refurbishment. Hence, there is no cumbersome and cosly logistic effort to send back printhead to supplier for refurbish. Printhead is discarded when damage. However, DoD Printhead is robust and under proper handling, it can last over thousand of hours. It is not uncommon to see printhead lasting 3-4 years.
Wide Range of Ink
One of the advantage of DoD system is the wide range of ink available. From special colour to security ink such as invisible fluorescent, they can be easily customize to requirement. This open up to wide range of applications