Entry Level HP Cartridge System

Simple, easy to use HP cartridge, each 0.5″, can be integrated using multiple cartridges to form wider print width into 2″, 4″ and even 8″ wide for simple numbering. While there are installation that uses such system to also print barcode, it is important to have good paper tension in order for the cartridges to stitch and print well.
Low Capital investment, flexible & Ease of use system
System is attractive in its very low capital investment, print width flexibility and ease of use. There is literally no maintenance since each cartridge is disposed and a new cartridge is replaced within minute. Colour ink cartridge is available for spot colour application. 
The cartridge system can also be installed in a horizontal position to print on packages. 
Also, water based and solvent based ink cartridges are readily available for a wide range of numbering application on porous substrate and special substrate including PP, PET, PVC, PE and others.
High Running Cost
While each cartridge comes in 42ml of ink, running cost is extremely high. External bulk in 800ml or 1L ink may help to reduce running cost though.