Water based system product

Water Based Printing System is a standalone system, completes with customer’s choice of pre and post paper process equipment. Different printing system, with different unique value preposition, targets at different market applications.
Screen High Speed Printing System
Carter to porous substrate applications including Transactional , Print-On-Demand (POD) book , and Direct Mail. The Screen offers a wide range of solution to market from entry level Single engine duplex (SED) system to print in 1-Up A4 duplex color at up to 32mpm to Twin engine duplex (TED) system in 2-Up A4 duplex color at up to 200mpm.
Distinctive value of Screen Truepress inkjet system :-
  • Selectable print resolution of 1200×1200, 1200×600 & 600×600 dpi, hence flexible to adopt the right print resolution to suit application
  • Smallest ink drop size of 2pl, hence printing of precise 0.1 pt lines and microtext is now possible
  • The newly released SC ink for use on the Truepress Jet520HD is its excellent gamut and print quality even on commodity offset stock and woodfree paper
  • Wider range of substrate thickness from 40 – 250 gsm to allow a wider applications
  • Paper feeding assist mechanism eliminates paper feeding errors and greatly reduces the labor involved in preparing for printing
  • The Spot Color Edit function will ensure process color can produce closest to a required spot color.  This is especially valuable for customer sigma and corporate logo
  • Real time inspection system to ensure data integrity, barcodes readability, capture ink stains, ink scattering, missing dots, and nozzle clogging. Hence print quality is assured
  • JDF base communication ensure industry standard workflow